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We have a track record of not only designing and producing wallets, handbags, canvas bags, but also camping gear, motorcycle saddlebags, watch cases using the techniques of box makers, and items with silk printing outsourced. 


In terms of expertise, we have worked on a variety of products, including meticulous edge polishing on leather goods, edge-coated wallets, leather products with turned edges such as chrome leather, watch cases, product design drawings digitized by PC, functional product design based on concepts, and corporate logo design.


We take pride in our ability to challenge ourselves in various genres and continuously improve our skills to deliver high-quality products. In addition to the mentioned items, we can also produce wallets for select shops using our brand's patterns, licensed products, canvas bags with silk printing, brand logo design, and product design services.


While our production is primarily in-house, we collaborate with skilled artisans for larger quantities. Please inquire about order quantities. Our work process follows the steps below:


1. Product briefing and specification determination

2. Material selection and estimation (assuming mass production with tentative deadlines and quantities)

3. Sample creation (1-2, 3 rounds of physical sample production)

4. Pattern cutting, branding, material procurement

5. Mass production, quality inspection

6. Delivery


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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