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Tu ed io (Business card holder) / Natural (Belgian tanned leather)

Belgian tanned leather is a top-quality product with a firm finish that changes to a beautiful amber color with use.

The button snaps are made with high precision in Japan, with brass plated in white gold, and fasten securely with a satisfying click.

The edges of the leather are processed using a technique called cut-edge processing, which makes them more durable than leather with turned edges. Even if the edges deteriorate, it is possible to repair them in some cases, and they are given a beautiful, smooth matte finish during the manufacturing process.

The product's name is Tu ed io, which means you and me in Italian, and it's up to the individual to decide how to build a relationship through exchanging business cards.
As an aside, in Italian there are two words for you: Tu and Lei, but Tu is the more closely related word.

It can hold business cards up to 1.1cm thick.
There is a partition inside the main body so you can separate your own business cards from those you receive.

Leather: Cowhide (Made in Belgium)

Metal: Brass (White Gold)

Body size: Width approx. 10.5cm, height approx. 7.5cm, thickness approx. 2.5cm

Weight: 50g

Sewing: Japan

*Since this is made of natural leather, there may be some scratches and stains, but they will become less noticeable over time as you use it.

*There may be slight color variations in the leather lot depending on your monitor settings.

*Leather has natural scratches and wrinkles, but we cut it to minimize them as much as possible. Please note that in some cases, some scratches and wrinkles may appear.

*Please note that product specifications are subject to change without notice.

Business card holder / Natural

Excluding Sales Tax
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