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Introducing the world of craftsmanship
To be able to use various machines as if they were our own limbs


Takumics' Tokyo atelier employs two skilled craftsmen who have honed their skills over many years of experience working for a manufacturer.

One of the craftsmen is a manufacturer and designer/ craftsman of wallets and bags , and the other is a former shoemaker.

In addition , there are four part-time workers who work carefully .

The atelier is equipped with three industrial sewing machines (flat sewing machine, arm sewing machine, and post sewing machine), a leather skiving machine, which skives leather into thin strips, an automatic mechanical foil stamping machine, which uses heat to brand leather or stamp gold and silver foil onto it, and many other machines exclusively for craftsmen.

He performs detailed work using tools passed down from senior craftsmen as well as vintage tools from Europe that he personally traveled to and purchased.

As a product made in Japan, we pride ourselves on our world-class technology and attention to detail, and we strive to improve our skills and knowledge every day.

​Production process of Takumics products

OEM Leather Products



A machine that makes a mold using a blade called Swedish steel, places the mold on top of the leather , and cuts it out using hydraulic pressure. The leather is cut efficiently to minimize leather loss, taking into consideration the direction of the leather fibers and scratches on the raw hide .

OEM Leather Products Original


Year pull

This is the process of drawing decorative lines on the edges of the leather with a heated iron. The lines are drawn neatly and quickly around the curved parts, and the edges are simultaneously fired and tightened.

OEM leather goods with logo printing


Foil stamping

We brand and press gold and silver foil while considering the three elements of temperature , pressure, and time for each type of leather. Because the pressure of the machine is constant, we can stably press the logo onto the leather.

OEM Leather Products Tokyo


Edge polishing

This is the process of polishing the edges of the leather with a wooden stick and chemicals to give it a shine . It is polished until it has a beautiful shine. This also has the effect of making the edges more durable , and is the main task, just like the sewing machine.

OEM Bags Tokyo


Leather skiving

This is the process of thinning the leather . The edges of the leather are skived using a machine called a "kobaskiki. " It's a machine that requires skill to use.

OEM Leather Products


Metal fittings

The metal fittings are pressed into the leather.

Each metal fitting has its own shape, so you need to replace the tip of the hand press with one that fits the metal fitting and then press it.

OEM wallet small lot


Parts Assembly

The parts are aligned and glued together, then stacked neatly and carefully hammered in place to avoid scratching them, making it easier to sew.

OEM wallet original


Sewing with industrial sewing machines

This sewing is where the craftsman's skill shines; if it is not done properly, the stitches will be crooked and the thread will not be neat; it is a complex task that requires long experience as well as adjustment and maintenance of the sewing machine .


After-sales care after product purchase

Takumics products are manufactured in-house, so in the unlikely event of damage, if it is repairable, we will repair it, so please contact us.

If the product is discontinued or the same leather is not available, we will use similar leather or metal zippers.

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