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Artisan-made leather products

Takumics Craftsmanship

Skilled craftsmanship and unisex retro standard design.


Since entering the leather industry, I have seen a lot of leather from both domestic and international sources over the years. The leather I chose was Italian and Belgian leather, as well as Japanese indigo-dyed leather.


Italian leather, in particular, stood out for its commitment to environmental issues. Local companies have come together to create associations that focus on reusing wastewater and heat during the tanning process, showing a high level of environmental consideration and quality. The sense of color cultivated during the Renaissance and the high quality of the raw hides were also reasons for my choice.


Belgian leather is a familiar vegetable-tanned leather used by a certain French brand. Its fine grain and glossy natural color gradually darken over time, making it a rare leather that allows you to enjoy the aging process.


Japanese indigo-dyed leather was chosen as a material after personally visiting the factory to observe the dyeing process. I learned how challenging it is to dye with indigo. The translucent beauty that comes after dyeing the leather more than ten times with indigo was captivating.


As for hardware, I choose brass fittings whenever possible for their antique-like beauty. The dull color of the fittings evokes the scent of antique furniture and vintage items. The zippers used are made in Japan and are also used by leading fashion houses worldwide, adding functionality and enhancing the product's aesthetic appeal.


In a rapidly changing world, I strive to design products that harmonize classic elements with materials, defining this as Retro Standard. I focus on practicality and the often overlooked beauty of design, while also designing the structural elements with originality. Our skilled craftsmen meticulously handcraft each product.


In an industry with few successors and an aging workforce in the Japanese leather goods sector, we aim to inherit and refine the techniques passed down by our predecessors, striving to surpass, or at least not be outdone by, foreign products through daily efforts.

Artisan-made leather wallets

Aging Leather by Takumics

Your own color, the final finish is up to the owner.


At Takumics, we prioritize the expression that comes to life when leather is formed from many circulating leathers. Tannin-tanned smooth leather allows you to enjoy the change in leather color, known as aging, over time. The dye will deepen in color with exposure to ultraviolet rays, etc. While the leather that has just arrived is certainly beautiful, please dye the leather in your own color as part of your history in your daily life.


Chrome-tanned leather with embossed grain showcases its suppleness, allowing you to enjoy the expression of unevenness and matte colors. Takumics brand leather has individuality in each piece of leather, with expressions and patterns. Just like people, cows also have individuality. I believe it is up to the craftsmen to gratefully bring out the value of the precious leather created from the lives of animals and plants.


If you are interested, I have written about the founding of Takumics, so please take a look at this page.

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