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Indigo leather
A clear indigo color in the sunlight

The dyeing process using indigo dye usually only takes 1-2 times for regular leather, but in this leather, the dyeing and drying process is repeated about 10 times (20 times) to finally dye the leather.

The color of the leather has a different depth than leather dyed with ordinary navy blue dye. When exposed to the sun, it turns into an indescribable, transparent indigo color.

The color fading is not as noticeable as with regular leather, and the durability is the same (grade 4 out of 5 when dry rubbed, grade 3 out of 5 when wet rubbed)

One of the charms of this leather is that the color changes over time with use, as the blue color disappears and gradually turns into a greenish color .



Italian leather
Made in Italy from the finest leather
The Italian sense of color is crystallized

Produced using traditional tanning methods using raw hides from North America and Europe , this leather develops a unique texture the more it is used. The supple leather contains plenty of oil and the more it is used the more it shines.

The leather has a classic feel and a texture that evokes the long history and scenery cultivated in Europe.

Looking at this leather, you can really see the Italian tanner's sense of color.

YKK Excella zipper
Smooth, precious metal-like zipper
Designed to match leather


The shining silver of Excella Double (top photo), the highest grade made by a domestic manufacturer, which is used in combination with the indigo-dyed leather series, and the high-grade gold Excella Single (bottom photo), which is used in the original series, both create a more precious metal feel than regular metal zippers .

The color of the zipper tape is also chosen to match the color of the leather.

The more you use it, the smoother it becomes, which is one of the joys of using it.

The history of zippers is long, dating back to 1891 when they were invented in the United States as an alternative to tying shoelaces.

Nowadays, there are a huge number of types of zippers, ranging from metal ones to nylon ones and even waterproof ones called waterproof zippers. There are also a huge number of types of pullers. At Takumics, we choose the one that best suits our products.

The process involves attaching this zipper to the body of the wallet, and the process of carefully and neatly attaching the curved parts is one of Takumics' specialties, and is an important step in enhancing the beauty of the wallet's appearance.

Brass fittings

Brass metal
Metals are essential for antique elements
The weight and shine of brass

Beautiful metal fittings made from a material called brass .

Many of the fittings used at Takumics are made from brass.

One of the charms of this product is that the metal fittings become duller with use, and the gradation of color between the parts where the metal fittings touch your hand and those where they don't enhance the antique feel.

We love brass so much that we have taken the trouble to plate the metal fittings of the indigo-dyed leather series with silver.

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